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Dear Field Hockey BC Member,

As the 2022-23 Senior Season closes and the 2023 Junior Season opens this coming weekend, I write on behalf of the FHBC Board of Directors to highlight and remind all members about the importance of respect and courtesy towards our valued Officials and Umpires at all levels of field hockey across BC.

Our great game cannot function or offer a compelling value proposition without Officials and Umpires driving the sport forward in partnership with Coaches, Players, Volunteers, and Fans. Without them we do not have a game or a sport. Like Players and Coaches, Umpires and Officials devote time, energy and expertise into performing their duties on a weekly basis and we should appreciate all the time and effort they put in.

If Field Hockey across BC is going to continue to thrive and maintain the amazing sense of community and inclusiveness it has, there needs to be respect for everyone in the game. This respect must come from those both on and off the field of play. I would encourage everyone to refamiliarize themselves with the FHBC RESPECT PROGRAM and the associated Codes of Conduct that are available to read and download from the Documents section of the FHBC Website at

It remains a given that Officials and Umpires make mistakes…as do Players and Coaches. Being an Umpire or Official is a tough and often thankless job. They give up their time to ensure Players, Coaches, Parents, Fans, and Spectators enjoy everything that is great about field hockey.

Regardless of decisions made, whether right or wrong, there is no excuse or justification for verbally abusing or threatening Officials and Umpires. Next time you think about criticizing an umpiring decision or witness someone hurling verbal abuse from beyond the field of play, choose RESPECT instead of criticism and ridicule.

We all have a responsibility to set an example through how we act and what we say. Just like acknowledging the opposition after a hard-fought game, Officials and Umpires deserve a ‘thank you’ for their participation regardless of the result.

Everyone has a responsibility to make field hockey the best game it can be. We are blessed to have so many fantastic people involved in our sport and by retaining Officials and Umpires and attracting others to take up these important roles, field hockey across BC will continue to go from strength to strength. Here’s to a memorable, for all the right reasons, Spring and Summer season. Enjoy!

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
March 31, 2023


Field Hockey BC is delighted to announce that the Society is now accepting applications for the following FHBC Foundation Bursary Programs:

  • The Barb Hart Harris Athlete Assistance Bursary
  • The Dr. Christine Grant Coaching Professional Development Bursary
  • The Jenny John Officiating Professional Development Bursary
  • The Allyn Murison Grassroots Bursary

The Application deadline for The Barb Hart Harris Athlete Assistance Bursary is May 8th. The remaining three Bursary Programs above have an application deadline of April 26th. These Bursary Programs are designed to provide valuable financial assistance towards an individual’s access to and/or professional development in the sport of Field Hockey.

The Barb Hart Harris Athlete Assistance Bursary is open to any member enrolled in an FHBC regional athlete program – technical development program, talent identification program, elite program or regional team program. The Allyn Murison Grassroots Bursary aims to support female athletes under the age of 12 to access field hockey programming at the club level. The Coaching and Officiating bursary programs are open to all levels of coach and official, with officiating including both umpires and technical officials.

Pat Hall Officials Development Award: In addition to the multiple Bursary windows now open and referenced above, a polite reminder to Vancouver Island Officials in particular that the Pat Hall Official Development Award within the FHBC Foundation remains open for applications year round (until funds are exhausted for the year). This award is designed to promote the development of Vancouver Island umpires and technical officials with preference given to members active on the Island. Award nominations will remains open until all the available funds are utilized.

IMPORTANT: applicants for all of the financial assistance programs within the FHBC Foundation must be a current member in good standing with Field Hockey BC and an active official, coach or player within National, Provincial or Club base programming.

Go to for more information and to download the application forms.


The final day of the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association (VILFHA) wrapped in fine form with fantastic weather and great action. Lynx Blue came out on top for Division 1 to take the Boudreau Trophy as the Playoff winners, while Patriots were named the league winners (Penn Trophy) after total points in the first half of the season (before UVic players joined and the Lynx club split into two teams). The Mariners beat the Patriots in a high-scoring 6-5 victory on March 15 for third place in the playoff run in Division 1.

In Division 2, after a scoreless four quarters the Rogues downed the Sailors in a shootout to take third place in the playoff set. Lynx 2 beat the Cardinals in the final to hoist both the Al Chedd Memorial Trophy as Div 2 Playoff Champions as well as the Kelman Trophy for winning the league.

Another double winner came in Division 3 as the Demons downed Lynx 3 by 2-0 to hoist the Anne Bridge Memorial Trophy as the Division 3 playoff champions as well as the Jenny John Trophy as the league winners. The Renegades beat the Pirates 4-2 for third spot, while the Stellers forfeited the 5/6th placed game to the Devils for their game originally scheduled for Mar. 12.

Playoff Standings:
Division 1: 1. Lynx Blue, 2. Lynx White, 3. Mariners, 4. Patriots
Division 2: 1. Lynx 2, 2. Cardinals, 3. Rogues, 4. Sailors
Division 3: 1. Demons, 2. Lynx 3, 3. Renegades, 4. Pirates 5. Devils 6. Stellers

For photos from the semifinals and finals weekend please visit our Facebook page at:

Congratulations to all the teams! Thank you to the officials who helped make the games run this season.

The Spring General Meeting and Annual Awards night will be on Tuesday, April 4 at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. Details:

Photo Credit: Chris Wilson (Island Wave Photography)

The VILFHA Spring General Meeting is set for April 4 and will include the annual major awards and all-star presentations. The meeting is open for all and award winners will be sent an invitation to attend.


Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Location: Juan de Fuca Lower Club House (1765 Island Highway)
Note: Please plan for extra time to find the location and park. We need to begin promptly at 7:00 pm with the awards as we only have the room until 8:30pm. Come down the hill, park in the first lot on your right beside the Q center and then walk towards the velodrome, turn left and follow the path to the room.

As per the VILFHA Rules & Regulations 4.1 c) iv. Fines will be imposed for not having a Team Rep at Council Meetings and/or General Meetings. 

For any questions, please e-mail


The regular season standings are final and the playoff schedule is for the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association 2022-23 season.

Div 1 standings**:
1. Lynx Blue (23 pts)
2. Lynx White (22 pts)
3. Patriots (18 pts)
4. Mariners (17 pts)

Div 2 standings:
1. Lynx 2 (36 pts)
2. Cardinals (35 pts)
3. Sailors (24 pts)
4. Rogues (15 pts)

Div 3 standings:
1. Demons (34 pts)
2. Lynx 3 (32 pts)
3. Pirates (31 pts)
4. Renegades (30 pts)
5. Stellers (27 pts)
6. Devils (13 pts)

Playoff schedule:

Wednesday, March 8, 2023
6:30 pm – Lynx White vs Patriots (Div 1 Semifinals)

Saturday, March 11, 2023
9:30 am – Cardinals vs Sailors (Div 2 Semifinals)
11:00 am – Lynx 2 vs Rogues (Div 2 Semifinals)
12:30 pm – Lynx 3 vs Pirates (Div 3 Semifinals)
2:00 pm – Demons vs Renegades (Div 3 Semifinals)
3:30 pm – Lynx Blue vs Mariners (Div 1 Semifinals)

Sunday, March 12, 2023
9:00 am – Stellers vs Devils (Div 3 – 5/6th Place)

Wednesday, March 15, 2023
6:30 pm – 3/4th Place (Div 1)

Saturday, March 18, 2023
9:30 am – 3/4th Place (Div 2)
11:00 am – 3/4th Place (Div 3)
12:30 pm – Final (Div 3)
2:00 pm – Final (Div 2)
3:30 pm – Final (Div 1)

**Note: In Division 1 the Lynx Club went from one team (Lynx 1) to two teams (Lynx Blue and Lynx White) after the December break due to the addition of the UVic players in the division. As such, for playoffs, Lynx 1’s first half points (7 points) were added to each of the Lynx Blue and Lynx White points in the second half for playoff standings. For league standings only the first half standings (Sept-Dec 2022) were used for all three teams to award the league winner.

For questions or more information, e-mail: