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Indoor Pro Challenge (IPC) Begins again this FALL!


Indoor field hockey is a technically demanding game that has immediate positive benefits on your outdoor field hockey skills. It is also very aerobically challenging (you will get a great workout)! Indoor field hockey is hugely popular throughout the top-leagues across the world, including powerhouse outdoor nations such as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England and Spain. It is not just “by chance” that these European nations play indoor field hockey, and also dominate the outdoor game. The technical precision, tactical awareness, and speed of indoor field hockey pays huge dividends once a player returns to the outdoor game. The best players in the world all play indoor field hockey.


Only 1 session per week, so the commitment is minimal but the impact on your game is huge! Our goal is to accelerate both technical and tactical proficiency in field hockey, which directly carries over to the outdoor game. Unlike the outdoor version of the game, indoor rules do not allow the ball to be lifted off the ground, or traditional hitting or slapping of the ball. Instead, players must rely on their technical precision, speed and aerobic strength. At the IPC, we promise an exciting, memorable field hockey experience that junior players of all ages and abilities will enjoy.

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Please help us grow the IPC, by sharing this information with other parents, players, and coaches. The more registrations, the higher the quality of play becomes, and everyone benefits! Thank you so much for your support!


  • OCT 20th, 27th || NOV 3rd, 17th, 24th || Dec 1st


  • OCT 15th, 22nd, 29th || NOV 12th, 19th, 26th

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Vancouver Island is home to three premier level field hockey teams including the University of Victoria Vikes men and women, as well as the Kirby’s Island Wildcats women. All three teams host games throughout the year at the University of Victoria water-based turf. Admission to the UVIC women’s games can be found at while the Vikes men and Island Wildcats women’s games are free.

Premier action kicks off this weekend, Sept. 20, with a double header! The Wildcats host the Jokers at 12:30 p.m. followed by the Vikes men hosting Burnaby! Get your fill of the island’s best hockey!

Sept. 3: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Sept. 10: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Sept. 17: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Sept. 20: 12:30 pm – Wildcats vs. Jokers (Premier)
Sept. 24: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Sept. 27: 12:30 pm – Vikes vs. India Club (Premier)
Oct. 1: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Oct. 4: 11:00 am – Vikes vs. Calgary (Canada West)
Oct. 5: 11:00 am – Vikes vs. Calgary (Canada West)

Oct. 8: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Oct. 11: 11:00 am – Vikes vs. UBC (Canada West)
Oct. 12: 11:00 am – Vikes vs. UBC (Canada West)

Oct. 15: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Oct. 18: 12:30 pm – Vikes vs. TBD (Premier)
Oct. 22: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Oct. 29: 6:30 pm – Vikes vs. Wildcats (Exhibition)
Nov. 22: 12:30 pm – Wildcats vs. TBD (Premier)

Sept. 20: 2:00 p.m. – Vikes vs. Burnaby Lakers (Premier)
Nov. 8: 2:00 p.m. – Vikes vs. TBD (Premier)
Nov. 29: 2:00 p.m. – Vikes vs. TBD (Premier)

For more information on the Vikes visit and for the Kirby’s Island Wildcats visit


VICTORIA, B.C. – At the annual Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey general meeting, on Apr. 14, the major award winners, division winners, playoff winners and all-star teams were announced. First division midfielder and member of the Mariners team, Ali Lee, was named the most outstanding player of the season. From the Lynx II team, Wildcats and Junior National team Lindsay Cole was named the top junior player. Executive member and long-time Oak Bay player Arlene Baker was named the Christine Trophy winner for all-around sportsmanship, ability and service to the league.

The Hibbert Trophy – Most Outstanding Player
Awarded to the most outstanding player in the association. Players in any division are eligible for this award. The Hibbert family, of Victoria, donated this trophy. Nita Hibbert played in the association and was the league’s social director.

2013-14 Winner: Ali Lee, Mariners

The Foley Shield – Most Improved Umpire
Awarded to the most improved umpire in the association.

2013:14 Winner: Kevin Burns

The Christine Trophy – Ability, Sportsmanship and Service
Awarded to a member of the association who best combines sportsmanship, ability and service to VILFHA. Joy Speight donated the trophy, which was named for after her daughter.

2013-14 Winner: Arlene Baker

The Trelawney Shield – Most Outstanding Under 18 Player
Presented to a young player (18 and under) who best combines ability, leadership and sportsmanship. Ruth Trelawney, who was a member of VILFHA and the Canadian national team that competed in Jamaica in 1968, donated this shield.

2013-14 Winner: Lindsay Cole, Lynx

These awards are given out annually to the most sportsmanship team in each division (1, 2 and 3). Each team votes for a team in their division they felt was the most sportsmanlike.

2013-14 Division 1 Winner: Patriots
2013-14 Division 2 Winner: Lynx 2
2013-14 Division 3 Winner: Pirates

These awards are given out annually to the player that is voted most outstanding within the division they are registered in. This player will impact the league through leadership, ability or service to their team.

2013-14 Division 1 MVP: Perri Espeseth (Mariners)
2013-14 Division 2 MVP: Brittany Smith (Lynx 2)
2013-14 Division 3 MVP: Theresa Kennedy (Demons/Devils)

Division 1: Lynx 1
Division 2: Sailors
Division 3: Pirates

Division 1: Lynx 1
Division 2: Sailors
Division 3: Stellers

These awards are given out annually to the players that are voted most outstanding within the division they are registered in.

Division 1
Heather Wheatley, Patriots
Sandy Zinkowski, Patriots
Cara Jay, Patriots
Lexi De Armond, Lynx 1
Jenna Dhillon, Lynx 1
Ella Mosky, Lynx 1
Kristina Walters-Shumka, Lynx 1
Ali Lee, Mariners
Chelsea Rabey, Mariners
Perri Espeseth, Marines
Ali Anderson, Flickers
Sara Lowes, Flickers

Division 2
Sara Brant, Sailors
Christine Munro, Sailors
Joy Shumka, Sailors
Melissa Puckett, Sailors
Brittany Smith, Lynx 2
Lindsay Cole, Lynx 2
Anna Mollenhauer, Lynx 2
Sunny Jun, Blue Jays
Sandy Grimwood, Blue Jays
Meena Sran, Blue Jays
Sara Goodman, Cardinals
Emma Dame, Cardinals

Division 3
Theresa Kennedy, Devils
Shelley Andrews, Demons
Brenda Lockhart, Kestrals
Amy Jones, Renegades
Nicole Gaul, Lynx 3
Caitlin Hastings, Lynx 3
Heather Crisp, Pirates
Jane Shumka, Pirates
Lisa Grambart, Pirates
Kyla Bulincx, Ravens
Nicole Little, Ravens
Jill Dayton, Stellers
Sue Fraser, Stellers
Stephanie Yeats, Stellers

The Annual General Meeting will be held April 14, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club, 355 Gorge Road East, Victoria V9A 1M9. At the corner of Gorge East and Tilicum. Extra parking is available by the Imperial Dry Cleaners on Tilicum Road (note: do not park in the restaurant parking please)

This year, we are going to run things a little differently. In addition to the AGM, the event will also be a dinner. VILFHA and the Executive will provide salads and entrees and we’d like the teams to bring appetizers, desserts and drinks.

Sailors and Demons/Devils – Drinks Cowichan and Rebels Clubs – Desserts Lynx – dinner rolls, butter and/or marg

The evening will go as follows:

1. Sign in and deliver your food item to the tables
2. Dinner / Meeting – Agenda below
3. Desserts and Award
4. Adjournment


1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Adoption of 2013 Fall AGM Minutes

4. Business Arising

- Pat Hall bursary contribution

5. Executive Reports

6. Proposed Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations

a. Third Division Regular Season (

b. Third Division Playoff Schedule (

7. Election of the Executive

8. Other Business

a. Bunyan date 2014

9. Awards

10. Adjournment

Please join us in celebrating another successful season :)

March 29, 2014

VICTORIA – The playoff titles have now been awarded after the final there games of the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association wrapped up on Saturday. The Stellers were the successful team in Division 3, winning 2-1 over Lynx III, while the Sailors defeated Lynx II 3-1 for the Division 2 playoff title. In Division 1, Lynx I downed the Mariners 2-0.

Playoff Winners
Div 1: Lynx I (2) – Mariners (0)
Div 2: Sailors (3) – Lynx II (1)
Div 3: Stellers (2) – Lynx III (1)

Congratulations to all of the teams for a successful 2013-14 season. Thank you to all of the umpires, organizers, team captains/managers/coaches and the VILFHA organizing team. Lastly, thank you to all the players for their dedication and commitment to the sport. Don’t forget to continue growing our sport by recruiting new players over the off-season.

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