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BC Athlete Pathway Model presented July

by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association, 2020-07-14T19:50:39.000-07:00July 14 2020, at 07:50 PM PDT

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Update on Rules session (Zoom)

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Remainder of Season Suspended

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Skip the Skirt Fundraiser in honour of Jen (van Dyk) Budding

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2019 Award Winners and Divisional All-Stars Announced

Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Apr 11 2019 at 03:32PM PDT in Season 2018-19

On April 9 the Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association (VILFHA) awarded the league trophies, major awards and all-star team acknowledgements. Lynx 1’s Libby Hogg (pictured) earned the Trelawney Shield for being the Most Outstanding Under 18 Player. Demon’s Theresa Kennedy took home the Hibbert Trophy for being the most outstanding player in the association. Mariners goalie Larissa Piva was awarded the Christine Trophy for her ability, sportsmanship and service to the association. For the second straight year, Mariners’ umpire Nora Struchtrup was presented the Foley Shield for her umpire performances this season.

Mariners were the playoff winners for Division 1, while the Sailors won in Division 2. The Stellers were playoff champions for Division 3. See below for the full list of award winners and visit for all photos of the award recipients. Congratulations!

Div 1 Playoff Winner: Mariners
Div 2 Playoff Winner: Sailors
Div 3 Playoff Winner: Stellars

Div 1 Most Sportsmanlike Team: Flickers
Div 2 Most Sportsmanlike Team: Lynx 2
Div 3 Most Sportsmanlike Team: Lynx 3

Hibbert Trophy (Most Outstanding Player): Theresa Kennedy, Demons
Trelawney Shield (Most Outstanding Under 18 Player): Libby Hogg, Lynx 1
Christine Trophy (Service, Ability and Sportsmanship): Larissa Piva, Mariners
Foley Shield (Most improved umpire): Nora Struchtrup, Mariners

Div 1 MVP: Larissa Piva, Mariners
Brianna Zinkiew, Patriots
Div 2 MVP: Kaileigh Simons, Sailors
Div 3 MVP: Eva Cuddihy, Pirates

Div 1 All-Stars
Libby Hogg, Lynx 1
Emily Jackson, Lyn 1
Kyla Kirby, Lynx 1
Meggan Oliver, Patriots
Brianne Zinkiew, Patriots
Emily Bennett, Patriots
Chloe Langkammer, Flickers
Hannah Craig, Flickers
Ava Smith, Flickers
Larissa Piva, Mariners
Ali Baggott, Mariners
Nora Struchtrup, Mariners

Div 2 All-Stars
Maeve Connorton, Lynx 2
Julia Boraston, Lynx 2
Suzie Stone, Lynx 2
Kailiegh Simons, Sailors
Hannah Williams, Sailors
Shannon Petrovic, Sailors
Reese Nagy, Cardinals
Maya Doman, Cardinals
Arden Ross, Blue Jays
Keira Ho, Blue Jays

Div 3 All-Stars
Theresa Kennedy, Demons
Natalie Boraston, Demons
Alyson Denis, Stellars
Lynne Dayton, Stellars
Shyana Ringma, Lynx 3
Hilary Wickware, Lynx 3
Eva Cuddihy, Pirates
Rebecca Simmonds, Pirates
Tracy Nguyan, Devils
Hannah Mazure, Renegades
Hayley Pickard, Kestrals


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