VILFHA announces 2012-13 award winners

Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Apr 09 2013 at 12:17AM PDT in Season 2012-13

VICTORIA – The Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association was pleased to announce its annual award winners for the 2012-13 season. Heading the list was the league’s most outstanding player, Theresa Kennedy, from the Demons and Devils. Long-time president of the Sailors Field Hockey Club Ronnie Lee was awarded the prestigous Christine Trophy for service, sportsmanship and ability. Under 17 Canadian national program member and member of Lynx 2, Ella Mosky, was named the leagues Most Outstanding Under-18 player, while Cowichan’s Lauren Keller was honoured as the most improved umpire.

HIBBERT TROPHY – Most Outstanding Player
WINNER: Theresa Kennedy, Demons & Devils

CHRISTINE TROPHY – Ability, Sportsmanship and Service
WINNER: Ronnie Lee, Sailors Field Hockey Club

TRELAWNY SHIELD – Outstanding Under-18 Player
WINNER: Ella Mosky, Lynx 2

FOLEY SHIELD – Most Improved Umpire
WINNER: Lauren Keller

DIV 1 MVP: Sandy Zinkowski, Patriots
DIV 2 MVP: Lexi De Armond, Lynx 2
DIV 3 MVP: Kyla Bulynx, Ravens

Regular Season Champions:
DIV 3: Demons
DIV 2: Sailors
DIV 1: Lynx 1

Playoff Champions
DIV 3: Ravens
DIV 2: Blue Jays
DIV 1: Mariners

Most Sportsmanlike Team
DIV 1: Flickers
DIV 2: Lynx 2
DIV 3: Lynx 3

DIV 1 ALL-STAR LIST (Shirt Size)
1 Sandy Zinkowski, Patriots
2 Heather Wheatley, Patriots
3 Annie Brothwell, Patriots
4 Sam Purcell, Mariners
5 Ali Lee, Mariners
6 Kira Graham, Mariners
7 Claire Seeliger, Flickers
8 Teresa Gregus, Flickers
9 Stef Langkammer, Flickers
10 Gillian Kirkpatrick, Lynx 1
11 Kristina Walters-Shumka, Lynx 1
12 Jenna Dhillon, Lynx 1

1 Ella Mosky, Lynx 2
2 Lindsay Cole, Lynx 2
3 Lexi De Armond, Lynx 2
4 Sara Brant, Sailors
5 Shannon Petrovic, Sailors
6 Christine Munro, Sailors
7 Teresa Wong, Blue Jays
8 Sunny Jun, Blue Jays
9 Kate Egan, Blue Jays
10 Sara Lowes, Cardinals
11 Shylayne Davidson, Cardinals
12 Maddie Smith, Cardinals

1 Heather Crisp, Pirates
2 Jane Shumka, Pirates
3 Erica Kjekstad, Pirates
4 Kyla Bulynx, Ravens
5 Dana Dickinson, Ravens
6 Wendy McElroy, Ravens
7 Sue Fraser, Stellers
8 Steph Yeats, Stellers
9 Hannah Avenant, Stellers
10 Brenda Lockhart, Kestrels
11 Janice Strand, Kestrels
12 Marina Ellison, Kestrels
13 Casey Boyle, Lynx 3
14 Theresa Kennedy, Demons/Devils
15 Cathy Boraston, Demons
16 Shelley Andrews, Demons