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Posted by Ali Baggott on Dec 16 2010 at 01:34AM PST in Season 2010-11

Every year several athletes are able to receive financial assistance due to a non-profit organization known as the Canadian Athletes Now Fund and this year five members of the women’s national team were chosen to each receive $6000. As individuals this money helps cover costs of team levies, travel, food and rent. Every little penny helps the team especially since this year, each athlete donated $2000 towards the team program, which gave the coach $10, 000 to plan some new tours. In order for Canada to excel on the world stage we need to gain more experience, which means traveling to play games and therefore fundraising. Each team member fundraises over $2000 per year and our resources are beginning to run dry.

The Canadian Athletes Now Fund helps supply our team with the funds we need to get moving the right direction to qualify for London 2012! On top of that, the CanFund helps many, MANY other athletes in all varieties of sport. It is for this reason that we believe donating to the CanFund will not only help each of us as individuals but also a"TEAM CANADA" as a nation-wide multi-sport team and family. Please think of the athletes this holiday season and realize that every amount truly makes a difference in our lives. We are playing with passion and pride for you as a Canadian! We want to help do you proud and this is a great way to show your support.

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