Katie Bennett named league’s Most Outstanding Player as VILFHA celebrates return of annual awards

Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Apr 04 2023 at 10:06PM PDT in Season 2022-23

The annual VILFHA awards returned after a two-year pandemic hiatus and a successful, entire season was played for 2022-23.

The VILFHA executive and team representatives are pleased to announce this year’s award winners highlighted by Rebels Patriots midfielder Katie Bennett being named the league’s Most Outstanding Player and Hibbert Trophy winner. Division MVPs included Patriots’ Lindsay Cole (Division 1), both Sarah Mastromonaco of the Sailors and Lisa Rempel of the Rogues (Division 2) and both Renegades’ Julie Williams and Lynx 3’s Caitlin Hastings (Division 3). The Trelawney Shield for the Top Junior Player is awarded to the Lynx 1’s Rebecca Stone, while the Foley Shield for Most Improved Umpire is awarded to Cowichan’s Brooke Wipplinger.

In addition, the prestigious Christine Trophy for service, ability and sportsmanship was awarded to long-time member of the Pirates, Erica Kjekstad.

League Winners
Penn Trophy (Div 1): Patriots
Kelman Trophy (Div 2): Lynx 2
Jenny John Trophy (Div 3): Demons

Playoff Winners
Boudreau Trophy (Div 1): Lynx Blue
Al Chedd Memorial Trophy (Div 2): Lynx 2
Anne Bridge Memorial Trophy (Div 3): Demons

Most Sportsmanlike Winners
Division 1: Lynx 1
Division 2: Cardinals
Division 3: Devils

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Hibbert Trophy – Most Outstanding Player
Katie Bennett, Patriots

Katie was instrumental to the Patriots’ success this season and her presence was greatly missed when she had to miss games due to work commitments as a dedicated health care worker and nurse. Katie’s speed and tenacity in both directions made her one the most impactful midfielder in the league and helped her team capture the league title. While she may not have been the one scoring the goals, she drew a lot of attention towards her to free up her teammates and was a tireless worker on defence and offence. Katie was named Player of the Game by her team and her opponent’s teams 15 times, often in the same game and more than any other player in the league. Katie is also a humble opponent to play against and a cheerful and contributing teammate.

Christine Trophy – Service, Ability, Sportsmanship
Erica Kjekstad, Pirates

Erica Kjekstad is a long-time VILFHA member and key player on the division 3 Pirates team. On the field, she is a core player with superb skills, extreme composure and relentless tenacity. She is a sportsmanlike and cheerful opponent and joyful and kind teammate. Off the field Erica has still been at arm’s distance to the VILFHA executive despite stepping down the season previous. Erica still helps maintain the books for the league while the treasurer position remains vacant. Previously helping organize the Victoria Junior League, there is no shortage of contributions Erica has made over the years. This year, Erica was called up and helped fill in when her club teams in higher divisions were short and once played for the Mariners, Sailors and Pirates on the same day. Erica has also picked up umpiring in the wake of the umpire shortage across the island and has been committed to learning, growing and practicing her new official skills.

  • Trelawney Shield – Top Junior (U18) Player*
    Rebecca Stone, Lynx 1

Rebecca Stone has been a key player for the Lynx club this season. A staple in the middle of the pitch, Rebecca quietly but effectively collects and delivers the ball for her team in a way that seems to set the tempo and keep the rhythm for her side. Rebecca helped guide her high school team, St. Michael’s University School, to a AA Provincial Championship this year and she is soon off to represent Canada as a member of the U18 National touring team. Rebecca has consistently shown she has the playing maturity to compete with the island’s best and the league looks forward to seeing her shine as part of the UVic Vikes women’s program next season, where she recently announced her commitment.

Foley Shield – Most Improved Umpire
Brooke Wipplinger, Cowichan FHC

Brooke Wipplinger is a young umpire from Cowichan who has gone above and beyond to grow her skills as an outdoor and indoor umpire. Alison Sweeten, President of the Umpires Association, eagerly presented the award in person to Brooke and was quick to highlight Brooke’s commitment to learning and her improvement in this season alone. Brooke umpired multiple games at the U18 BC Indoor Championships and shown confidence to step up to umpire at the senior indoor championship a week later. Brooke’s contributions as an umpire are even further highlighted by the fact that there are less senior umpire mentors in the Cowichan region so she has gone out of her way to get the variety of umpire support she craves.

Division 1 MVP & All-Stars
MVP: Lindsay Cole

Lindsay Cole would be the first person you would notice when you watch a Patriots game. Her speed, tenacity and flare on the pitch can’t go unnoticed. Lindsay scored 13 goals in 15 regular season games played, with the team having three other goals in the season being scored by two other players. The Patriots won the league title and that would not have been possible without Lindsay’s ability to score in free play and on penalty corners. Playing in the middle of the pitch Lindsay is almost always the spark to any Patriots’ team attack and she is first to run out on defensive penalty corners.

Division 1 All-Stars:
Irene Morilla, Lynx 1
Rebecca Stone, Lynx 1
Kyla Kirby, Lynx 1
Anais Chace, Lynx 1
Ashton Aumen, Mariners
Nicole Gaul, Mariners
Ali Baggott, Mariners
Katie Bennett, Patriots
Lindsay Cole, Patriots
Heather Wheatley, Patriots

Division 2 MVP & All-Stars
MVP: Sarah Mastromonaco, Sailors & Lisa Rempel, Rogues

Sailors’ midfielder Sarah Mastomonaco and Rebels’ midfielder Lisa Rempel shared the honours of Division 2 Most Valuable Player. For the Sailors, Sarah was instrumental for the team that faced a lot of transition since the pandemic. Her speed, tenacity and control on the ball was the glue that held the Sailors together. Sarah scored three goals in the season and provided a lot of the energy and speed for the team. Lisa Rempel is no stranger to the island hockey scene and her experience and low tackles made her an integral part of the newly re-named Rebels side, the Rogues. Lisa is everywhere on the pitch at any given time. She is a wall to try and bypass but her soft hands in the circle help her keep the team’s composure in either end of the pitch. Lisa played all but one game this season and her two-way efforts hardly went unnoticed.

Division 2 All-Stars:
Ava Winter, Cardinals
Anna Maria Jordan, Cardinals
Kendra Burley, Cardinals
Monet Thurbide, Lynx 2
Kendyll Adams, Lynx 2
Wynn Brown, Lynx 2
Lisa Rempel, Rogues
Haley Hall, Rogues
Sarah Mastromonaco, Sailors
Shannon Petrovic, Sailors
Kaileigh Graham, Sailors

Division 3 MVP & All-Stars
MVP: Julie Williams, Renegades & Caitlin Hastings, Lynx 3

In Division 3, the Most Valuable Player award was also shared and this time between Renegades forward Julie Williams and Lynx 3 defender/midfielder Caitlin Hastings. Julie’s control of the ball up front gave the Renegades the experience they needed on attack. Julie was the team’s leading goal scorer, with seven goals, and the next highest goal scorer only had two goals. Julie is also a voice on the team to help her side with positioning and movement on the field. For Lynx 3, the experience and composure of Caitlin Hastings is long overdue from being recognized. Caitlin is the central player that makes a youthful team look cohesive and on the same page. As the voice from the back, Caitlin is often helping mentor her younger teammates in their first season of playing women’s league and she is a key role model for them. Caitlin’s strength on the ball, distribution and defensive skills were critical for Lynx 3’s success. Caitlin was the team’s second-highest goal scorer with five goals, behind Anika Benson’s leading six.

Division 3 All-Stars:
Helen Currey, Demons
Lisa Adamschek, Demons
Natalie Work, Demons
Alice Lam, Devils
Caitlin Hastings, Lynx 3
Kate Flye, Lynx 3
Kristen Ingelman, Lynx 3
Tracey Varian, Pirates
Erica Kjekstad, Pirates
Louise Good, Pirates
Julie Williams, Renegades
Sarah Solaczek, Renegades
Tenille Cole, Renegades
Hayley Picard, Stellers
Sadie Tucker, Stellers

All of the award winners were honoured in person at the Spring General Meeting on April 4 at the Juan de Fuca lower clubhouse. All-star winners were presented with VILFHA crested shirts, while major award winners received perpetual trophies and VILFHA crested hoodies.


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