Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Apr 10 2017 at 10:32PM PDT

VICTORIA, B.C. – At the annual Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey general meeting, on Apr. 10, the major award winners, division winners, playoff winners and all-star teams were announced. Third division Demons goalkeeper Theresa Kennedy was named the most outstanding player of the season. Kennedy was a force for several teams in the league in all three divisions, most notably, she played four games for four different teams one weekend and won all of four games. Lynx 1 defender and junior national team member Anna Mollenhauer was named the league’s top Under 18 players as Lynx 1 finished first in the league and playoffs.

Julie Williams was named the Christine Trophy winner as she plays for the Lynx club in Division 1 and 2, coaches Lynx 3, umpires in both the men’s and women’s league, coaches in the junior league and is the league umpire coordinator. Long-time official David Auld was named Foley Shield umpire. Auld’s commitment spans across the women’s league and high school league and he continues to show dedication and an eagerness to improve year after year.

The Division MVPs were Ali Lee, of the Mariners in Division 1, Brecken Sales, of Lynx 2 in Division 2, and Hayley Picard, of the Kestrels, in Division 3.

The Hibbert Trophy – Most Outstanding Player
Awarded to the most outstanding player in the association. Players in any division are eligible for this award. The Hibbert family, of Victoria, donated this trophy. Nita Hibbert played in the association and was the league’s social director.
2016-17 Winner: Theresa Kennedy, Demons

The Foley Shield – Most Improved Umpire
Awarded to the most improved umpire in the association.
2016-17 Winner: David Auld

The Christine Trophy – Ability, Sportsmanship and Service 
Awarded to a member of the association who best combines sportsmanship, ability and service to VILFHA. Joy Speight donated the trophy, which was named for after her daughter.
2016-17 Winner: Julie Williams, Lynx Club

The Trelawney Shield – Most Outstanding Under 18 Player
Presented to a young player (18 and under) who best combines ability, leadership and sportsmanship. Ruth Trelawney, who was a member of VILFHA and the Canadian national team that competed in Jamaica in 1968, donated this shield.
2016-17 Winner: Anna Mollenhauer, Lynx 1

These awards are given out annually to the most sportsmanship team in each division (1, 2 and 3). Each team votes for a team in their division they felt was the most sportsmanlike.
2016-17 Division 1 Winner: Patriots
2016-17 Division 2 Winner: Swifts
2016-17 Division 3 Winner: Lynx 3

These awards are given out annually to the player that is voted most outstanding within the division they are registered in. This player will impact the league through leadership, ability or service to their team.
2016-17 Division 1 MVP: Ali Lee, Mariners
2016-17 Division 2 MVP: Brecken Sales, Lynx 2
2016-17 Division 3 MVP: Hayley Picard, Kestrels

Division 1: Lynx 1
Division 2: Lynx 2
Division 3: Pirates

Division 1: Lynx 1
Division 2: Sailors
Division 3: Pirates

These awards are given out annually to the players that are voted most outstanding within the division they are registered in.

Division 1
Caitlin Evans, Flickers
Robin Fleming, Flickers
Sara Goodman, Flickers
Stefanie Sajko, Lynx 1
Anna Mollenhauer, Lynx 1
Kyla Kirby, Lynx 1
Kira Starr, Mariners
Ali Lee, Mariners
Emily Thomas, Patriots
Heather Wheatley, Patriots
Chelsea Marshall, Patriots

Division 2
Shon Lumb, Cardinals
Jill Thompson, Cardinals
Chloe Langkammer, Cardinals
Brecken Sales, Lynx 2
Janet Dawson, Lynx 2
Libby Hogg, Lynx 2
Sara Brant, Sailors
Jenna Lucas, Sailors
Jaime Sharpe, Blue Jays
Sandy Grimwood, Blue Jays
Emily Cherneff, Swifts

Division 3
Theresa Kennedy, Demons
Laura Kelly, Demons
Amanda Knoke, Devils
Juliana Rheault, Devils
Hayley Picard, Kestrels
Jill Dayton, Kestrels
Harkiran Khangura, Lynx 3
Caitlin Hastings, Lynx 3
Heather Crisp, Pirates
Tracey Varian, Pirates
Catherine Jones, Pirates
Helen Truan, Renegades


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