Mixed 7-Aside Begins!

Posted by Ali Baggott on Sep 10 2012 at 06:39PM PDT in Season 2012-13

For those who have played in the Thursday Mixed Seven-Aside League in the past, things are improving this year. Andrew MacKinnon, Cara Jay, and I will be building on past seasons to improve the organization.
+ There will be paid umpires for each match! Not only does this mean we will not have to self-regulate, it also gives an opportunity for players to also umpire and earn back some of their player fees.
+ There will be goalies each and every week! We will endeavour to fill all four goals every week so that we can have some real hockey.
+ There will be mixed-sevens-specific rules! These will include gender equality regulations and short corner rules.
+ There will be online registration! This will ensure everyone has paid, registered, and insured. Please see the registration steps below.
Registration steps:
1) Go to
2) Select ONLINE REGISTRATION on the left
3) Select Register Member
4) Select “Mixed 7-A-Side” division ($100.00)
5) Proceed with FHBC validation steps
5a) If you have a valid, paid-in-full FHBC ID, you can proceed to step 6
5b) If you are not yet registered with FHBC for 2012/13, follow the link to the FHBC site and register there. Once registered, re-validate your ID on our website and proceed to step 6
6) Complete payment through Victoria website.
We realize that the fees are slightly higher than in previous years. The increase is a result of decreasing numbers and the necessity to have paid umpires to reinvigorate the league. Let’s get out there and recruit new players. With more players, we will have better hockey with lower fees!
Exhibition games will run on Thursday, 20th at 8pm. Please register online now. All players must be registered by Monday, September 24th to be eligible to pay. League matches begin on September 27th. No exceptions will be made.
See you on the pitch!

More info contact:

Mark Baggott (
Andrew Mackinnon (


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2012-10-25T16:46:46.000-07:00October 25 2012, at 04:46 PM PDT, Andrew McKinnon said:

We are still looking for goalies to play – at no charge! One game every Thursday from 8 pm to 9 pm and it’s super fun!

Please contact me if you are interested.

Andrew (

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