Update for UVIC scrimmages

Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Nov 21 2020 at 11:09AM PST

Back to UVIC this weekend! To be able to continue to play our sport, we must follow the requirements set out by FHBC, ViaSport, VILFHA and UVic:

Before the game

  • Do a health check – are you exhibiting any symptoms of illness? If so, STAY HOME.
  • Bring only what you absolutely need – stick, mouthguard, water bottle. Minimize bags and gear and keep yours apart from others’ belongings.
  • Stay 2 metres apart when not playing It does not matter if you are in the same cohort as someone else in another situation (i.e. school).
  • Enter the field through the farthest gate from the road.
  • Wear a mask onto the field. You can take it off for warm-up and play
  • Use hand sanitizer as you enter the field.
  • Bring your completed attestation form. Updated forms are available here. All forms will be shredded after 30 days.
  • Do not touch any equipment with your hands, including balls and the goal. If a goal needs to be moved players should use the sanitizer spray bottle provided to disinfect the surfaces before and after moving the goal.

During the scrimmage

  • Spectators are not allowed.
  • No cheering before the scrimmage.
  • No high fives after goal scoring.
  • No cheering at the end the scrimmage.

After the scrimmage

  • Put your mask back on.
  • Maintain your 2 m distance from others.
  • Exit through the closest gate to the road.
  • Sanitize and wash your hands.

Important notes:
- Travel outside of your home community is not permitted – anyone coming from outside of Victoria should not come.
- Please do not feel you have to participate. We completely understand that different people have different risk requirements, assessments and some have more exposure to more vulnerable people. This is a fun, scrimmage season – with no obligations.
- Let’s run around, play good hockey, have fun and support each other – as safely as possible.


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