Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Mar 16 2015 at 03:26PM PDT in Season 2014-15

Please find below the final standings for playoffs and note that the website has been updated to reflect this weekend’s semifinal games.

Division 1:
1. Mariners
2. Patriots
3. Lynx 1
4. Flickers

Division 2:
1. Sailors
2. Lynx 2
3. Cardinals
4. Blue Jays

Division 3:
1. Ravens
2. Stellers
3. Kestrels
4. Pirates

8:00 am Sailors vs Blue Jays
9:45 am Lynx 2 vs Cardinals
11:15 am Ravens vs Pirates
1:00 pm Stellers vs Kestrels
2:45 pm Mariners vs Flickers
4:30 pm Patriots vs Lynx 1
(All Games are at the University of Victoria)

Should two teams be tied at the end of regulation time during first (1.v.4) or third (2.v.3) place matches, a shoot-out competition shall be played to establish the winner of the match.
a. Players from each team take a one-on-one shoot-out alternately against the goalkeeper of the other team making a total of 10 shoot-outs (5 from each team).
b. A coin is tossed and the winning team has the choice to take or defend the first shoot-out.
c. The team scoring or awarded the most goals is the winner and the competition ceases once an outright winner is determined.

For questions, please contact Ronnie Lee, Director of VILFHA Operations, at


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