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Congratulation to those teams who made it through this weekend’s semifinals.

Schedule for the finals on Saturday, March 28th are as follows:

Division 2: Sailors vs. Cardinals 10:00am
Division 3: Ravens vs. Kestrels 12:00pm
Division 1: Mariners vs. Lynx I 2:00 pm

Job Posting - VJFHA Administration Position

Posted by Caitlin Hansen at Mar 18, 2015 10:35PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Victoria Junior Field Hockey Association – Administrator Position

The Victoria Junior Field Hockey Association (VJFHA) conducts a spring field hockey league from April through June each year. The Association is looking for a contract Administrator, reporting to the Association Treasurer, from May 2015 through June 2016 to assist with in-season and post-season activities for the 2015 season; and pre-season, in-season and post-season activities for the 2016 season. The work centres on membership management and communication. The contract will be reviewed for renewal on an annual basis by the board of directors.

Each year VJFHA runs a 10 week program for girls and boys aged 4 through 18. In 2014, over 400 players and 100 coaches were involved in the recreationally-focused program. An on-line system is used for player registration and payment of fees. The majority of the administration work occurs in February through April each year.

Administrator responsibilities:
• provide and manage email communication to players, parents, division coordinators and coaches
• provide the lead administration role for the on-line registration system
• provide and manage specialized accounts for master coaches and division coordinators; and train coaches/coordinators in use of the system
• support players/parents as they register using the on-line system
• manage and maintain registration related information
• develop, maintain, manage and distribute division and team player lists
• prepare and submit player registration information to Field Hockey BC
• provide support to VJFHA special events such as Come Try the Game Free Days, First Day of Season, Photo Day, End of Season events, and Jamboree Day
• provide updates to the Board as requested
• provide a year-end report by June 30 each year
• attend VJFHA Board meetings when appropriate

You will bring to this position:
• good oral and written communication skills
• self-motivation and good attention to detail
• ability to provide positive phone and email support to people having trouble registering on the Juniors website
• your own computer for accessing email accounts and updating on-line resources
• available to work 40+ hours in each of February, March and April 2016
• knowledge of VJFHA activities and the game of field hockey is preferred

Proposed payment schedule and expected hours:
• Dec – $200 – 10 hours
• Jan – $500 – 25 hours
• Feb – $800 – 40 hours
• Mar – $1000 – 50 hours
• Apr – $1300 – 65 hours
• May – $300 – 15 hours
• June – $200 – 10 hours
• July through November – $200 – 10 hours over the five month period

If you are interested in applying for the position, please submit a resume and cover letter outlining your qualifications for the position via email to Bill Moffat, Treasurer, Victoria Junior Field Hockey Association at no later than April 7, 2015. All questions should be directed to the above email address.

Standings: Division 1: Division 2: Division 3:
1. Mariners Sailors Ravens
2. Patriots Lynx 2 Stellers
3. Lynx I Cardinals Kestrels
4. Flickers Blue Jays Pirates

Game Start: Team: vs. Team:
8:00 am Sailors Blue Jays
9:45 am Lynx 2 Cardinals
11:15 am Ravens Pirates
1:00 pm Stellers Kestrels
2:45 pm Mariners Flickers
4:30 pm Patriots Lynx I

Please note, all semi-final games must have a result. Tie-breaking will following the FHC tournament regulations, using the shoot-out method. The procedures can be found in the document sections of the website.


Please find below the final standings for playoffs and note that the website has been updated to reflect this weekend’s semifinal games.

Division 1:
1. Mariners
2. Patriots
3. Lynx 1
4. Flickers

Division 2:
1. Sailors
2. Lynx 2
3. Cardinals
4. Blue Jays

Division 3:
1. Ravens
2. Stellers
3. Kestrels
4. Pirates

8:00 am Sailors vs Blue Jays
9:45 am Lynx 2 vs Cardinals
11:15 am Ravens vs Pirates
1:00 pm Stellers vs Kestrels
2:45 pm Mariners vs Flickers
4:30 pm Patriots vs Lynx 1
(All Games are at the University of Victoria)

Should two teams be tied at the end of regulation time during first (1.v.4) or third (2.v.3) place matches, a shoot-out competition shall be played to establish the winner of the match.
a. Players from each team take a one-on-one shoot-out alternately against the goalkeeper of the other team making a total of 10 shoot-outs (5 from each team).
b. A coin is tossed and the winning team has the choice to take or defend the first shoot-out.
c. The team scoring or awarded the most goals is the winner and the competition ceases once an outright winner is determined.

For questions, please contact Ronnie Lee, Director of VILFHA Operations, at

All VILFHA members are able to submit their nominations for the 2014-15 VILFHA Awards. Nominate your division MVPs, most sportsmanlike teams and more!

Click the link below to nominate: