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Posted by Ali Baggott on Sep 20 2010 at 07:31PM PDT in Season 2010-11

Most of you will have seen these already as they have been posted on the FIH website for a few weeks now. VMFHL will start the season Sept 18 with these new rules in place for our League. (As decided at the Club Reps Board Meeting Aug 31) The Club Reps decided not to wait til Jan 1st so as to avoid rules changes mid-season.

Changes to the Rules of Hockey (for international competition with effect from 1 January 2011 with reference to the numbered Rules in the 2009 edition) are as follows:
Rule 9.15:
“players must not force an opponent into offending unintentionally”. This Rule is deleted.
Rule 13.1:
location of a free hit. This former Mandatory Experimental Rule becomes a full Rule of Hockey.
Rule 13.1.d:
“a free hit awarded inside the circle to the defence is taken anywhere inside the circle or up to 15 metres from the back-line in line with the location of the offence, parallel to the side-line”. The option of taking the free hit “anywhere inside the circle” is deleted.

Rule 13.2:
taking a free hit, centre pass and putting the ball back into play after it has been outside the field. This former Mandatory Experimental Rule becomes a full Rule of Hockey.

Rule 13.3.h:
“taking a penalty corner … until the ball has been played, no attacker other than the one taking the push or hit from the back-line is permitted to enter the circle”. When an attacker enters the circle before permitted, the penalty corner is taken again except that when attackers persistently enter the circle before permitted, a free hit is awarded to the defence. In the full printed set of Rules, the penalties which apply for an offence during the taking of a penalty corner will listed in detail.

Rule 13.9.a:
for an offence during the taking of a penalty stroke”. If the stroke is taken before the whistle has been blown and a goal is scored, it is taken again.

Rule 13.9.c:
“for an offence during the taking of a penalty stroke … for any other offence by the player defending the stroke which prevents a goal being scored”. Instead of a goal being awarded, the penalty stroke is taken again. This means that Rules 13.9.c and 13.9.d both now lead to the penalty stroke being taken again.
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2010-09-26T14:57:02.000-07:00September 26 2010, at 02:57 PM PDT, Denise McGeachy said:

VILFHA has adopted these rules for the same reason plus a variation for the defence breaking into the circle early on a PC. Please please flip over to the UMPIRES section of the site for discussion.