Canadian women's fundraiser features Coaching Seminar Series

Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Aug 04 2023 at 08:46AM PDT

Field Hockey Canada is proud to announce that the Women’s National Team coaching staff, consisting of the celebrated Olympic Gold medal-winning duo Danny Kerry and Kate Richardson-Walsh, will be leading a coach education seminar series. This exclusive opportunity will provide participants with direct access to valuable insights and expertise, as the renowned coaches share their golden nuggets of knowledge. Using a combination of video presentations and interaction with participants, this seminar series will primarily focus on Canada’s Women’s National Team (WNT) and delve into the essential trends and requirements for success in international hockey.

In addition to being a valuable learning experience, please note that there will be a nominal charge for attending the seminar series. All proceeds from this event will go directly towards supporting the WNT in their upcoming Olympic qualification push. By participating in this seminar series, you will not only gain valuable knowledge but also contribute to the success of our WNT.


The seminar series will consist of three sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of coaching and the game. The dates and topics for each session are as follows:

Thursday, August 10th [530pm PDT]: Coaching and the development of skill – Theory and Practice. This session will explore the concept of what skill is, what the research evidence suggests creates the best environment for developing skill in players, and what this looks like practically in session planning for coaches.

Tuesday, August 15th [530pm PDT]: Coaching and the development of team understanding – Theory and Practice. How do players know what their team-mates around them will do and when? How do we know our team are seeing the opportunities for attack and the threats in defence in the same way at the same time and co-ordinate solutions to them as a team? This session will explore some of the theory and practical application in coaching of team understanding.

Thursday, August 17th [530pm PDT]: An overview of the modern international game and implications for coaching. A discussion of trends in the modern international game, and what this means for both what we coach and how.

Participants have the flexibility to choose individual sessions for $50 each or register for all three sessions at a discounted price of $130. It is important to note that this event serves as a fundraiser for our WNT, and attendees are welcome to donate a greater sum if they are able to. Every contribution will make a significant impact and directly support the WNT in their pursuit of Olympic qualification.

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