Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Jan 07 2018 at 12:59PM PST in Season 2017-18

As a new year and the second half of the season is now underway the VILFHA executive would like to send this reminder to players, coaches, officials and spectators. This is a reminder that there is a VILFHA Code of Conduct (see link below) that highlights fair play, respect and the overall goals of showing the sport of field hockey in a positive light.

Though it is a game and moments of it are competitive and may be heated, there are a variety of ages and skill levels out on the field and regardless of personal opinions of what is happening, who is doing it or what their intent might be, it is important for everyone to check in with themselves about how their behaviour or words might affect another person or how it might be perceived by people walking by. It should be in all of VILFHA’s membership’s best interest to show our sport as an inclusive, positive, competitive and recreational activity that would be welcoming to anyone walking past the field.

Utilize the officials, coaches and team managers if you have a personal issue with an opponent or other player. Inappropriate language or dissent towards any personnel on the field is not good for anyone. Everyone should exercise self-control at all times.

As it states in the code of conduct, we should all: Inspire a love of game and a desire to compete fairly.



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