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Posted by Vancouver Island Ladies Field Hockey Association on Sep 16 2022 at 03:14PM PDT in Season 2022-23

Due to umpires moving away and moving into retirement, all island field hockey leagues will be short umpires for this coming season. Those umpires who have not returned umpired about 20% of Spring 2022 games. Gillian Batey will continue to allocate umpires for VILFHA games this coming season but there may be times when she doesn’t find an umpire.

Teams may need to provide an umpire for half a game or a full game using players or capable spectators. The team umpire doesn’t have to be team member, but they need to be competent to blow a whistle and support their other umpire. The allocated umpire will NOT be left to umpire the game by themselves.

If teams aren’t prepared to provide an umpire, then the game will not happen.

To get more certified umpires, Field Hockey BC and Field Hockey Canada are offering umpire courses free to registered members. See FHBC website:

This is a good chance to understand the rules as a player, too.

If clubs or teams want an education opportunity organized just for them, please contact Alison Sweeten: The Umpires Association need at least 6 people to give a Provincial course. There are several people on Vancouver Island who can do this so don’t be afraid to ask how the Umpire’s Association (VILFHUA) can help with your education.

If you have questions or comments, please contact
Alison Sweeten_
President, Vancouver Island Umpire Association (VIFHUA)

Gillian Batey
Umpire Coordinator


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